(A factoid has the appearance of a fact. Facts are factoids, but not all factoids are facts)

An average of 380 Americans a day drive off with a cup of coffee on top of their car.

A car leaving Boston at the peak of rush hour will get to New Hampshire after a car that leaves an hour later.

Four percent more people die on an odd day of the month than on an even day.

Only one right-handed person in 23 has a counter-clockwise hair whorl, while ten left-handed (and ambidextrous) persons in 23 have a counter-clockwise hair whorl. Source

Women live, on average, ten percent longer than men.

The waking day of men is, on average, ten percent longer than that of women.

The only use of the word "ulterior" is to modify "motive."

A couple is five times as likely to have children if their parents did.

Winters in Maine are 2.5 times as cold as in Connecticut.

Eighteen percent of brass in the U. S. is used for decoration in restaurants and hotels.

On the telephone, men talk half as loud to women as to men.

Seventy percent of people prefer the end of the toilet paper to come over the top of the roll.

An idea can be conveyed faster in English than in any other language.

Ninety-three percent of food stamp applicants list as other income sources, "playing the lottery."

Twenty-seven percent of newspaper readers read only the sports section or the comics.

Oprah Winfrey has been on the cover of at least one tabloid every day since June 17, 1987.

Peanuts are the cheapest way to make an air traveler feel like he has had a full meal.

Ninety-five percent of horseback riders are women.

Eighty-three percent of teen-age boys wear a baseball cap in public.

More than half of key chains have three keys that have not been used in the past year.

Twenty percent of judges in TV shows are black women.

In the past decade the French Academy has allowed only 8 English words into the French language.

In a family of four, an average of 21 socks disappear in the wash every year.

In 1960 each attic had, on average, 130 issues of National Geographic.

Seventy percent of Irish songs are about death, war, or love lost.

Sixty-eight percent of movie-goers think that "Dances With Wolves" was over-rated.

Only 4% of engineers smoke.

About 11 people a year are crushed under vending machines after rocking them.

Only 17% of all factoids are facts, so this statement is probably not right.

Cats have over forty vocal sounds, while dogs only have six.

Hamsters blink only one eye at a time.

Montpelier, Vermont is the only state capital without a McDonalds.

Cat urine glows under ultraviolet light. Source

The name Wendy was made up for the book "Peter Pan."

A single woman over forty is more likely to be killed by a terrorist than to be married. Source

In the month of May, there are more mosquitoes in Maine than you can shake a stick at (approximately).

More than 60% of a man's weight is above the belt; more than 60% of a woman's weight is below the belt.

Only two things are golf-ball-size: golf balls and hail.

Hot water freezes faster than cold water. Source

Ninety percent of house dust is dead skin.

Vines in the Northern Hemisphere twine clockwise; those in the Southern Hemisphere counter-clockwise. Source

If a paperclip at the top of the papers has the open end to the right, it won't scratch the paper when it is removed.

Of is the only English word in which f is pronounced like v.

In Green, New York, it is against the law to eat peanuts and walk backwards on the sidewalk while a concert is going on.

There are more plastic flamingos in America than real ones.

More people are killed annually by donkeys than die in air crashes.

KDKA in Pittsburgh is the only radio station east of the Mississippi that starts with "K."

The eagle on the back of a one-dollar bill has nine tail feathers because there are nine justices on the Supreme Court.

Speed is the second most exciting thing to males between the ages of 17 and 27.

There is no other word for synonym.

Only one person in one hundred can tell you what D.A.R.E. stands for. Ans.

One person in three spells Gandhi "Ghandi."

A monkey peels a banana from the end that wasn't attached to the tree (the end opposite from the one humans peel from).

The three most valuable brand names in the world are (in order) Marlboro, Coca-Cola, and Budweiser (all addictive).

It's possible to lead a cow upstairs...but not downstairs.

Ten percent of the Russian government's income comes from the sale of vodka.

People wash their spectacles with distilled water 95% of the time (haaa).

China uses 25,000,000 trees annually for disposable chopsticks.

To avoid collisions, the French always start their alternating kissing with the left cheek.