The Goodfood according to

The menu which the waiter has brought to us, it is this same menu that tells us of the food that we may order,
2 And we were all given the same menu; the menu that I have, the same have you also.
3 Now the food which is on the menu is good food; and hereby know we the food is good, even because we have tasted that it is good.
4 He that has not tasted the food knows not that the food is good; but we have tasted it and do know, and we tell all men of that food.
5 And all men that hear shall come to the restaurant and taste and bear witness of the food that it is good.
6 And the restaurant shall prosper in the thing that it does, even the serving of good food, which all men shall know.
7 And the prosperity shall not cease, for the thing wherein it prospers shall cause it to prosper with the prosperity that has no end.
8 And hereby know we that the good food ceases not, because it shall cause that restaurant to prosper, and all men shall come to the restaurant and see that prosperity and know of it.

The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the

Moreover brethren, I would that ye know what manner of menu the waiter bringeth us all,
2 Wherein are many good things written for your edification in the knowledge of all the food that we may order;
3 For which purpose ye are all assembled, patiently awaiting your reward in the filling of your stomachs (in which yearnings I also suffer with you),
4 Seeing that it is now long past the time that we all should have eaten, but upheld in the assurance of  good food to come,
5 By the testimony of them that have eaten at this restaurant, and have declared to all men how neither the meat, nor the potatoes,
6 Nor the fruit, nor any other thing which that restaurant doth serve, shall fail to to add to the prosperity of them who provide this food,
7 Because the workmen which have laboured for the cause of filling us shall have that treasure which waiteth for all them that diligently persevere,
8 Being neither slack, nor slothful, nor remiss in their service to the brethren (as so they ought not),
9 Notwithstanding . . .