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August 16, 2006

    We spent four days with Peter and Adele Dreyer at their lovely vacation home on Martha's Vineyard.  The ferry we took over was followed by gulls hovering just off the rail.  We passed a sailboat and saw a silver sunset.
    Peter and I played paddleball (pictures 1 and 2) in their yard. Good exercise.  They have a beautiful perennial garden (picture #2 above), wild flowers, and a hedge of rugosas with rose hips.  A flock of guinea hens (pictures 1 and 2) wanders in from time to time.
    Saturday night we went to a performance of the Capitol Steps, a group of five that puts political satire to popular tunes.  Sunday the Dreyers invited Bill and Lynn Thorp over for dinner.  They are active in promoting hydrogen as a portable energy source on the island—a way to get the energy from the windmill to your car.  More information at the American Hydrogen Association.

Feature for the day:  A baby humming bird (about half the size of a penny).  More animals.

Quote for the day:  "If you spin an Asian person around several times, does he become disoriented?" - George Carlin