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October 2, 2007  

     Joan Miller had the church members over for her annual pool party.  It was a warm September 23rd, so quite a few went in the pool.  Here are some pictures from the party.
     Matt and Crystal are having their kitchen renovated.  I went over to help Matt gut the kitchen in preparation for the workers.  I had to lie down on the job to disconnect the dishwasher.  River, who is six weeks shy of a year old, is just about walking on her own.  In this movie, Crystal is providing some support.  Here's a frame from the movie.
     Sarah and Steve rented a house on Block Island for a week and invited the Holzer and Wolaver families to come for the whole week or part of it.  We went for the last four days.  The house is on the bay (I think it's also called a big pond) across from where it opens into the ocean at the Coast Guard building.  The weather was glorious, and we loved Block Island. The house was perfect—a main house with an extension and a covered deck between.  Sarah and family were in the main house's two bedrooms.  Across the deck was a two-story extension with two bedrooms down (with a bath between) and two more bedrooms upstairs (from an outside stairway).  The living room/dining room/kitchen was one open area.  The living room part stuck out toward the water with cathedral ceiling and huge sliders on three sides onto a deck that went around 2.5 sides of the house.  It was great to have the whole family together and to see the three grandkids play together and really get to know each other.  Steve went fishing a lot with his brother and dad the first part of the week, and with Matt once.  Lynn and I read a lot, played with grandkids, and took a hike with Sarah's and Matt's families. Here's a page of pictures from the vacation.

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Quote for the Day -
    "Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof."John Kenneth Galbraith