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November 12, 2007  

     The fall colors have lasted longer than we've ever seen.  Here's a view out our family-room windows about two weeks ago.
     It's time to feed the birds again.  The usual suspects have arrived—chickadees, titmice (mouses?), and goldfinches.  The feeder is easily accessible to squirrels, but they haven't found it yet.
     Lynn and two friends went to the annual Quilters' Gathering in Nashua last Friday.  It's one of the biggest quilt shows in New England.  The quilts pictured here are just a small fraction of the quilts on display from all over the country.  Lynn finds seeing the wide range of quilting styles is inspirational.  They also offer classes, but she didn't take one this year.   
     Every other Sunday evening our quartet (Jane Curran, John Stafford, Lynn, and I) gets together to practice.  Our favorite style seems to be jazz numbers, such as Pennies from Heaven and After You've Gone.  We have yet to perform for anyone except immediate family; we're just singing for the fun of it so far.

Feature - Chinese ingenuity—two-wheeled trucks

Quote for the Day - “Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.”Susan Ertz (picture)

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