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November 20, 2007  

     With Thanksgiving coming, this fat turkey was taking a chance wandering through our yard.  But he's probably not as tasty as a real turkey (from the store).
     Snow! Today was the first accumulation of the season.  It lined the pine boughs and gave a backdrop to the local birds.  Here's a hairy woodpecker enjoying our suet. 
     Saturday Lynn and I went to Tim Hageman's to work on the set (mostly a fireplace) for the Souhegan Valley Chorus show.  It was about 40° in Tim's barn, so we all were glad to go inside for coffee and cake.
     Sunday was River's first birthday party.  Matt and Crystal had about 20 friends, neighbors, and family over.  River's other grandmother and great-grandmother were there, so there were four generations!
     We've been trying to get more energy-efficient—turning off our computers at night and replacing all our incandescent bulbs with florescent ones.

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