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Dec 3, 2007  

     Lynn is great at watching the car's odometer and noticing "interesting" mileage numbers, such as 15051.  She happened to have the camera handy when the Hyundai "rolled up" three 0s at the end.
     A pileated woodpecker visited us.  He's a rare bird to see, and he flies away at the least sign of movement.  More timid than you'd think for a bird of that size!
     Thursday was the monthly  meeting of Lynn's quilting group.  Here Anne Davis is displaying a quilt she made featuring cats.
     I have been rehearsing for the Mont Vernon Messiah sing.  It's performed by local people, and we're getting a nearly professional sound under Jennifer Erdody's direction.  The performances were Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.  Here are some pictures and a movie from Sunday's performance.
     Last night the second snowfall of the season started—this time enough to get out the snow blower.  It continued to come down all day, totaling 6 inches.  
     We're taking care of Blaze, a friend's dog, for a week again.  She loves to retrieve a ball, but it's harder to find in the snow.

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