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May 27, 2009  

    We went to Sarah and Steve's on April 25 to spend some time with them, especially Alex and Addy.  We visited the horses, went biking, told stories (pictures 1 and 2), and jumped on the trampoline.
    Matt and Sarah's birthdays are April 18 and 20, so we usually celebrate them at the same time.  We all went to Matt and Crystal's on May 3.  Here's a page of pictures from the day (the star for the day seems to be Ozzy).
    This month Lynn made a quilting strip for a quilt with a Halloween theme—cat's eyes!
    The Souhegan Valley Chorus concert was on May 9th.  Our quartet, A La Carte, performed three songs.  Here's "Send in the Clowns" featuring Lynn. 
    Peter Dreyer and I went for a hike in Great Brook Farm State Park on May 13.  It was quite a windy day, starting with sun but clouding over and finally raining lightly at the end of the hike.  We started the trail at the farm pond, went by Meadow Pond (with a strange sign), and past a giant boulder
    Back in December I put a temperature sensor at the bottom of our beaver pond to record the temperatures through the winter.  This spring I went looking for the string tied to the sensor and to a stick on the shore, but the string had come untied from the stick.  I figured the sensor was lost somewhere at the bottom of the pond.  Then Lynn and I took the rowboat out for a trip around the pond, and we found a long string coming from the depths of the pond and tangled in the dam.  I pulled on it, and up came the sensor! Here's the record of temperatures for the last six months.  You can see the water was barely above 32° for most of the winter.  I was hoping it would stay at 45° or so to supply geothermal heat for a heat pump, but no such luck.
    I built a corner cupboard for church.  It was one of many projects for our church refurbishment lately.  
    Lynn put some halved oranges out for the animals.  The squirrels loved them (pictures 1 and 2).  I found a field mouse on the lawn.
    The redbud tree blossoms early (pictures 1 and 2), and the lawn violets thrive before the first mowing.  The ostrich ferns in the woods are growing from fiddleheads, through small leaves with spores, to full-grown.  The bleeding heart and the Virginia bluebells make a nice color combination.
    Some local pictures: a rainbow seen from the Mont Vernon hill, and the Greenfield cemetery.  Mystery: Why do our ice cubes grow stalagmites, usually at an angle and often very thin?

Feature: "Frost, You Say?"

Quotes: "Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation."Edward R. Murrow

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