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July 19, 2009  

    The last three weeks in June and the first in July were the wettest on record.  It rained 16% of the time during that period.
     I had three building projects this past month: a grape arbor for the deck , a pond in the front yard, and converting a shed into a guest house with Steve's help.  The pond has attracted many frogs.  The guest house has windows on two sides, and it will get a wood floor, a chemical toilet, a sink, and some furniture.  
    The Greenfield Energy Committee visited the Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm in Peterborough, NH.  We are interested in the wood-pellet heating system at the 25-building village.  The boilers are in one central location, and the year's supply of wood pellets is fed from a silo.  Greenfield is considering such a heating scheme for the town buildings.
    Sarah's horse Danika had a colt about 2 a.m. June 8th.  His name is Bugatti after the Italian sports car.  He was up and walking about quite ably when we visited 14 hours later.  Although he's dark brown now, he'll change to light gray like his mother.  Here's a page of pictures.
    We went to Thetford again on June 18 to celebrate Addy's 4th birthday.  We got her a sun dress and matching dress for her doll.  Alex got dressed up for the occasion and looked quite the young man!  
    We held our summer party on June 28—in the midst of that rainy period.  But the weather was remarkably good—in the 70s and overcast with only five minutes of misty rain--hardly noticed.  This year our quartet performed four songs, including "Send in the Clowns," at the party.  Here's a page of pictures.
    The Barnstormers  is a men's chorus of 50 to 60 guys that get together three times a year to put on a show in various locations in the New England.  John Stafford has been trying to get me to join them for a couple years, so last weekend I finally did.  I went with John and his wife down to Orange, CT on Friday for an afternoon rehearsal.  There were two more rehearsals on Saturday, and the concert was in the evening.  We performed 17 songs, including "The Lost Chord" with organ accompaniment. Sunday afternoon we went to New Haven (next to Orange) to see a model railroad display.
    This weekend we had Alex and Addy at our place so that (among other activities) they could see Greenfield's celebration of its fire department's 100th anniversary.  Fire engines from 15 towns were in the parade to help celebrate.  There were performances and food at Oak Park afterward.
    We now have a bridge over the Rand Brook—thanks to the ice storm in December that brought down some large trees.  I trimmed some of the tree's limbs to make it more walkable.
    When I pass A&D Computer in downtown Milford, I often see two golden retrievers asleep in the window.
    Lynn made a "seasons" mini-quilt for a raffle her quilting club is holding.  She titled it "Winter Royalty."
    A few animal pictures: a mayfly that had just shed his skin, a deer, a garter snake, and a rainbow-producing spider web.  
    A few flower pictures: clematis, a giant poppy (1 and 2), astilbe, and a California poppy.  And the following wildflowers: a wild iris, raspberry blossoms, naked broomrape, a blue-blossomed lawn weed, and a blue-blossomed field wildflower (can anyone identify this?  It's very tiny.).

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