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Clinton Deploys Vowels to Bosnia
How Specs Live Forever
A Diversion at the Smithsonian
Grave Humor
In the style of the Bible
The Foolish Fugitive
Never enough golf
Hoaxes & Urban Legends
Acronym Trouble
More Factoids
Factoids with Comments
Flexible Clock
Polish Clock
English vs. Spanish
Optical Illusions
Florid Prose
Dave Barry on Dinosaurs
Origin of Star Spangled Banner
Garment Label
Punctuation Я Easy

Ambiguous News Items
How to pad your writing
Why Can't I Own a Canadian?
Pet Diaries
American Illustrators
Some Magic
Burma-Shave ads

A Ferrari Ride

It's Only a Pumpkin Moon
Telemarketer's Nightmare
Strip Miner

(worlds largest machine)
Public Affairs Forum

( A Prairie Home Companion 2/24/07)
Why are bugs attracted to light?
Hallelujah Nuns

Fred Astaire & Eleanor Powell

Lucky Pickup

Time Slowed

Bruno's Garden

No.4 Hatches
The Big, Deep "Bloop"
Handy Engineering Conversions

The World's Coolest Pilot

Blue Whale sounds
Great Horse-race Shot
MEN have a few rules too
puss 'n books
find the frogs
Franklin on farting

Spell Chequer
China's second language
Steve Martin's
"Side Effects"
Today's Stock Market Results
Chinese Contradiction
Peking Cat
Victor Borge's Phonetic Punctuatuion
Kid's Stuff
Extraordinary Hand Farts
Faux Faulkner Contest
Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey
I look like my dog
Dear Mom,
In the style of Escher
Yankee Humor
Birthday Riddle
More Beans!
Proof the Earth is not flat
Who's on First
Good Wife's Guide (1955)

Exploding Maple Trees
Wear Sunscreen
Country-Western Song Titles
Parodies of speakers & writers
Throat Singing
Microsoft Tech Support
Outraged at Gas Prices?
CO2 – Sweet and Cuddly

Squirrels? Worry about bears!

Understanding Engineers

God's View on Lawns

A fiery horse with the speed of light

Putting Things in Perspective

Some Friend!

Rube Goldberg

Roger Hedlund's wonderfully sad day
(The News from Lake Wobegon 2/3/07)
Andy Goldsworthy's art
E-Z Pop Popcorn (
1) (2)
Seismic Sounds

Barbershop Hours
Driftwood Horses
Polar Bear Chase
Match Flame
Two pals sitting on a fence

Aesop's fable: The dog and the lion

Folding one-dollar bills
Sliding Rocks
Snow Art
Funny Vegetables
When we eat animals, they die.
Similar almonds  
Impossible lean

Americans with Disabilities Act
Lincoln–Kennedy Coincidences
The Long Walk
Church Bulletin Board
The Figgerin' of Aunt Wilma
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Arlo and Janis comic strip
Non-Sequitur comic strip
Cornered comic strip
The Cold Wind (a poem)
Echo Poem
World's Easiest Quiz
Bill Gates vs. GM
You may be a redneck if...
How to Understand Texans
Ain't It the Truth
Tabby Tote
Spaghetti Harvest
Rules of this Tavern
Bouncing Tail
Florence Foster Jenkins
Very Punny!
Republican Consistency
Frost You Say?
To the Citizens of the USA
Parkinson's Law
The Obscene Phone Call
Sidewalk Chalk Art
The Wonder Tug
Juggler with soul
The Devil's Dictionary
Box Label
(suitable for printing)
English couple for sale
Page that is not a page
working of the Female Mind
Yankee Flipper

Chinese two-wheeled trucks
best commercial ever
Niagara Falls frozen
The View from Everest

A Few Thoughts from Zeus

So a bird walks into a store...

Life in Space

New Yorker Cartoons

Down with experts!

Down with technology!

Tree Swallow

Republican Elephant

You Should Start Sooner
A message from Marshalls
Grocer's Quotes
Kate & William's Wedding

The Beauty of Pollination

Musical Battle
Post Office credo  
No Shortcuts